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The Best Sellers Collection

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The best of the best! Dig into this collection of Nicecream's best sellers. Each one individually is ensured to delight! 

  • Vanilla Bean
    • We source vanilla beans straight from a small family farm in Madagascar, delivered to us. We slice out the "vanilla caviar" for an incredible vanilla ice cream with a creamy finish.

  • Nutella
    • Who doesn’t love Nutella? The Italian chocolate hazelnut spread is a decadent addition to any meal. But, add it into our grass-fed cream and cane sugar, then freeze it with liquid nitrogen and you have yourself an incredibly smooth, slightly nutty, and milk chocolatey ice cream.
  • Salted Caramel
    • Homemade caramel with a dash of sea salt for a sweet goodness, with a touch of devilish saltiness
  • Purely Pistachio
    • Purely pistachios. Period. No green pastes, or extracts. We grind up a homemade pistachio butter and swirl it in for a nutty bite in every scoop.
  • Honey Lavender
    • Our founders, college sweethearts Gil and Sandra, used to go on dates in college to a lavender farm to pick their own lavender. And now, 9 years later and we still work with that very farm they grew their love at to source our lavender from. Grown in Catlett, VA at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm- we grind up the lavender in-house and work with a local honey apiary for the extra sweetness you find in this flavor.

  • Bananas and Cream
    • Grass-fed cream, cane sugar, and a real banana - that’s it. Well, it’s all frozen with liquid nitrogen of course. This ice cream allows you to appreciate the simplicity of what true ice cream is while also realizing that bananas and cream fit together like a puzzle piece.


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